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CAD/CAM Services driven by quality.

Lean on our many years of  ‘on the job’ experience.

Thanks again for your interest in our CAD/CAM Services. Here you can find out a little about what we do and how we can optimize the performance of your CNC machines.

Working in Precision Engineering and Manufacturing since 1989 our Director Andrew has held a number of roles in varying sectors including Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Automotive. Working his way up from Machinist level Andrew has been programming (and operating) CNC machines for almost 30 years. An accomplished Manufacturing Engineer with a high level of competence in producing parts to high specifications.

Here at G1 CNC Solutions we are passionate about quality and have a strong ethos of getting it ‘right first time’. Our CAD/CAM Services are focused on making your machining applications leaner by reducing cycle times and waste.

Using industry standard modelling and programming software from Autodesk we can create 3d models for any application and we serve many industry sectors including Automotive,Pharmaceutical and Aerospace.

Working to all the current Industry Standards every job we do is accompanied with all the relevent paperwork to comply with your companies all important ‘traceability’

Many years of Production Engineering knowledge makes us the ideal partner to your business. Suffering from a skills gap? Let our CAD/CAM Services bridge it.

Value for money is also very important to us. Were not in business to charge you extortionate ‘consultation’ fees. We never overcharge and our pricing structure is based on a fair hourly rate system. Just like paying your own programmer.

An on site ‘prove out service’ is also available and we like to meet all our customers before doing any long term business with them.

Think we can help your business? Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and we will be happy to help.

Some of the sectors we service.


Proudly supplying high quality NC code, Solid Models and Fixture Designs to the Aerospace Components Industry. We have many years experience in this line of work.

Subcontract Job Shops

Servicing many subcontract CNC Machine shops our NC Programs are used wordwide. Everything we program comes with its own dedicated CNC setup sheet ruducing your downtime and prove out hours.

Mould, Tool & Die

With many years in the Mould & Die sector we can produce cost effective toolpaths for all kinds of tooling projects. With vast industry experience in both Plastic Injection Moulding and Automotive Body tooling we are well placed to aid you in your bespoke projects.


Manufacturing machined parts for the Automotive Industry? Lean on our many years of expertise in this field. Committed to quality all our toolpaths are outputted to save your machine shop time and money.

Some of the toolpaths we are capable of producing.

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